Better app grouping in the workspaces page

First off, thank you team Noloco for a slightly touched up workspaces page ( This is really welcome. I love being able to create new workspaces and retitle them as well.

Something I noticed is that when you open, the page displays all apps you’re associated with:

Then, if I click on my workspace (“Internyl”), it looks like it filters to the apps living in my workspace:

Then, to get back to the page that shows ALL apps, you can navigate again to or click the Noloco logo in the top left corner. Ideally though, I’d love to see an “All Apps” button or “Shared with me” button (see below). That will make navigating to specific workspace apps versus all apps more intuitive.

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I think this goes along with this request som I’m adding it here… would LOVE if the Favicon/logo could be the image for apps rather than letters! When we have a lot of builds, they are really challenging to dig through quickly.

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Love this!! Thanks for adding!