Make it so clicking lines to navigate to a record is less challenging

Me and the users I work with struggle to click on lines on tables in Noloco. It seems that linked record fields, edit in line fields, and date fields, amongst others, create a large un-clickable area on table lines. Here’s an example of a user trying to find a clickable area:

For certain users, this is surmountable. But for many standard users, it becomes frustrating and a major roadblock.

I’m not sure about the exact solution, but it seems to me that one way to improve would be making more of the empty areas clickable to a line, and also having some sort of visual indicator that a user is hovering over an area that would navigate them to the record. (Like a highlight)

Another field type that is problematic is multi-select fields. If there is no value in the field, it is perfectly blank but a user cannot click that area to visit the record.

This is one of the downsides of over-using inline editing.

Truthfully there’s no great solution, as reducing the clickable area makes inline editing even worse.

We usually suggest disabling row click and using an action button to navigate to the record view instead, would that work?

I think your solution is the best one for now, it’s just a lot of extra buttons to make with a large solution.

I run into this issue even without inline editing, but the inline editing definitely makes it worse. For examples of when it’s rough even without inline editing, blank multi-select fields are not clickable.