Problem when exporting rich text formatted text stored in airtable to CSV

Hello I ran into a problem today that occurs when using the noloco export function and exporting a field that includes rich text to CSV. Columns are then mixed-up and some fields not exportet (in my case a status field was only exported for the first line. I changed the field type in airtable to “long text” and now the csv export from Noloco works fine.

What software your importing your CSV into @JCW ?
because your rich-text fields will include newlines it could create issues with imports, if your client doesn’t handle them correctly

Hello @darragh, Thank you for your feedback.

Honestly I was simply importing the file into Excel 365 (local client). I chose the option “Text to Columns” and also chose the option “Treat consecutive delimiters as one” for the text part containing several commas.

Thanks for the context, if you want to send us the CSV or to the link to where you exported it we can see if there’s anything we can do

OK, I don’t have it any more but I will reproduce it until the end of the week.