Remove the 'SUM' label

Hi, anyone know of a method to remove the label SUM on column footers so it just displays the summed value?

On my tables they overflow on 2 rows, Id like to either remove the label or restrict the overflow if possible.

Also regarding the SUM, is there any way we can set a total sum on each column? In my example I have 30 rows, only 10 are displayed (pagination), so 3 pages. Some feedback I have had is they would like to display the total over the 30 records. Currently they are having to manually count each page total to get the ‘real’ SUM value.

One suggestion that might work for you @garyGHL is to increase the limit per page, to >50 if you know you’ll probably only ever have ~30

That’s something we let you control

Thanks @darragh, that’s what I’ve done as a quick fix, its on a dashboard page which has lots of other reports so makes the page much longer, especially on mobile.

if it cant be done, no worries. Is there a css hack to remove the SUM label?

Is there a css hack to remove the SUM label?

I’m sure it’s doable, I wouldn’t know it off-hand.
You’re best inspecting the HTML and adding a custom class to your site’s CSS