Repetitive tasks

Hello, each month our staff create 60 staff pay statements, I’ve managed to give them the import csv to create these on the front end which saves a lot of time.

On each statement 1 record always exists and never changes (service fee - £value - IT Charge - Total)

Can I create a button above the form to insert this, not a row record button as such but possibly a series of buttons to insert various rows of data.

Even though they would still need to do this on each statement, it would still be a time saver.


I think this may need some additional context. But if I’m interpreting what you’ve requested correctly, you should be able to use the ‘Create a Record’ action button. You will have to set the values for each field with that action.

Alternatively, you may be able to ‘watch for new pay statements’ and automatically add a record when the new statement is created via workflows.

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Thanks @Brandi_Bullock, I managed to create an action button as you suggested to do this in each statement.

I’m hoping to do it for all new statements so will look at the workflow option, if I can add default records on creation it would really be useful.

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